Cute CUT Pro 앱 리뷰

constant crashing!! >:(

I’ve had this app for a while now, it’s really great for making video edits and YouTube videos. The most annoying thing about this app though is that it constantly crashes. Sometimes I’ll be working on an edit or something and it’ll just randomly crash, and what is really pissing me off is that i finally finished a 6 minute vlog for my YouTube channel and I’ve been trying to export it but it always crashes a few minutes into exporting, specifically low memory crashes. I’ve looked this up and no one has seem to have this issue. I’ve done hard reboots on my phone (home and lock button) and restarted my phone and nothings helped. After paying 6 dollars for this app, I’d appreciate if someone could get back to me about this soon.

Love it & suggestion

I love the app a lot but I really would love it more if I could save font colors! Also to be able to grab colors from photos! It would make everything a lot easier and a nicer experience! Other than that I love everything about the app, I’ve been using it for 3+ years and I absolutely adore it <3 <3

Crashing and losing my data

The app crashes and when I open the app again all of my videos are black screens, I’ve worked on my video for hours and edit for hours and used my time on this app for hours. All my video shows is a black screen even though I have all the videos and clips in. I never deleted any of them in my camera roll. Cute cut pro, fix your app. (If there was zero stars. I would rate it a zero. I’ve never been so mad to a app before.)

Step up your game!!!

I’ve been using your guy’s app for quite a while now, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! But, you guys need to step up your game in this app. You guys need to add more effects, and such!!! I would recommend starting with things like motion blur, letting us be able to change the perspective of our photos and videos for transitions and such, and having more than 2 video layers at the same time.

Awesome app!

This app is amazing I’ve been using this app for editing my videos for YouTube, but there is one problem I wish there was a freeze feature, correct me if I’m wrong, if there is a freeze feature please let me know, other then that this app is amazing

Love it but..

If you want to become a bigger app add more things and stuff to work with other than that I love it, but please add more

please read💖

hey! I love cc/ccp but if you guys could add transitions like bounces/shakes/spins etc it would be great! also if you could add a mirroring so we wouldn’t have to do it ourselves that’d also be great!💗


Very hard to use for beginners and not very easy to learn I suggest if your going to try something confusing you might as well start with ae which has far better products


Crashes a hella lot and doesnt save my progress😂


It’s perfect, besides the audio. Trash. Fix it.

This is amazing but....

There was a occurred and everytime I press on play it’s just...gonna say occurred please fix this bug it said low memory warning for no reason, and I need you to fix because I’m working on a MV everytime I play the video it kicks me out now... please if you see this may you fix this type of bug?

i love ccp

I love cute cut pro but you guys need to update it. Like add rsmb and motion blur and many more like AE

Good but crashes

FIX THE CRASHING! I edit a long video and it goes black and I try to go on the movie but it will go black and glitch out great app but You need to fix that ASAP

Love it but update ideas

I love cute cut pro and it’s soo good at making edits but they should make another tab for easing types and basically have everything in the second easing type tab should have stuff to make it more smooth because cute cut pro is a really good app but editors don’t like it because it’s not smooth enough


Hello, can you improve on this app and not make it crash any more please, it crashes for no reason!

Great app but can u do a update please

I love the app but can you do skews and stuff after effects can and put a mirror option


I literally spent money on this app and I can’t even edit on it because it keeps crashing!

There’s a bug with the transitions.

Okay, so I use this app to edit, but lately, there’s been a few bugs. One being the pause/play button not working when I press it. The other bug involves the transitions. I tried to make an elastic tradition, it’s supposed to work smoothly, I used it before and it worked fine, but when I use any transition, like when you do a Spiral transition, it doesn’t make it smooth to where you can spin fast, instead, it’s skipping like every 10 frames making it look choppy. So, can you all help us people who use this out fix the bug to make the app work? Please and thank you. I love this app.


i love ccp but the effects/ transitions need updates badly.

technical difficulties

ok so ccp is good for editing songs but I don't know about actual editing, there aren't that many transitions to use and it's kind of complicated. For my edit since it didn't have that many transitions I decided to finish it and add in transitions with videostar. My iPad that I was editing on is 64gbs but it keeps saying that I'm running low on storage and it keeps crashing. So while I tried to save it to edit in transitions, it wouldn't save all it would do is crash. My iPad is kind of an generation but it still works pretty well.

Audio Glitch

I’ve used this app for about a year now. (For multipurpose things) and all of sudden there’s an audio glitch where I can only get ten seconds of audio before it cuts off? I need to use this app for something soon and I’d appreciate if I could get some information on this.

Needs fixing

I love this app and I use it all the time. But I've noticed that recently when I go to the beginning of the video, the screen is the color black or whatever color I have it on. Not sure what's going on but it's irritating to me.

Add This!

Love the app, i’ve been using it ever since i started editing. but it would be awesome if you guys could add an audio wave feature for audio files so it would be easier to sync clips. if you guys add that it would make my life way easier, keep up the great work!

It’s alright

Kinda hard to use

So many bugs

This app is my main source of editing. However it is extremely hard to get stuff done with the amount of glitches.

I love it but...

Ok, I really do love this app. I use it for editing on instagram. When I first got it, I was practicing and practicing and I got better so I started editing normally (like 1 or 2 times a day). But then out of nowhere one day it crashed. I thought it was cause I had to much videos & photos, so I deleted some of them. But when I went back into the app it still didn’t work... so I had to delete that project I was working on, and it took sooo long. Once I tried the app again it only worked for like split second and then kept crashing. I was now getting frustrated. I went on the cute cut website and it said if the app were to crash, restart your phone, but when I did it didn’t do nothing. I deleted the app and then got it back, and to my surprise it worked. But every month or two it always crashes and I have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. But I don’t want to leave ccp because I find it very useful, more than the other apps I have tried to use. Please fix this situation -a un/satisfied customer


I’ve haven’t had this glitch when I first downloaded this app but later on I started to crash more often then I realize that there was something wrong when I try to do the easing type when I put one on it does it to both arrows and I tried to uninstall it restart my phone and it didn't do a single thing.

Great App, But The Quality?

I absolutely love love LOOOVE this application, there is actually one thing I have a little problem with. The HD option isn’t really THAT HD. I render a video in that quality but it always comes up like I made it with 144p instead. Maybe if there was some way you guys could fix that? It would be extremely appreciated. (:


Despite it’s strange name, this is probably one of the greatest video editing apps I’ve ever tried. There are a lot of advanced features to try out, such as moving an image or video anywhere around the screen at specific points. There are a couple of minor gripes, such as navigating through the tools, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. The app visually looks outdated, looking like it was from the iOS 6 era. The app is also a bit laggy. There are also a few tools that would be nice to add, such as a green screen effect. I recommend the app to beginner video designers. It has a good set of basic and advanced tools to use. I would recommend the use of other editing software to use as well. It is totally worth $6 USD.

Crash always a crash

Please fix it, it’s so annoying if my work is lost omg.. PLEASE

Audio messes up

I’ve had this app for quite some time and it’s great for certain things. At first when the audio of a clip began to act funny, I would just let it slide but now it’s just becoming a real bummer. When I mute the audio it still plays which is just a struggle on my part. Overall the app is great for cutting clips and stuff like that but I won’t be using the app for a whole project ever again..

A little bug between transitioning

this app is stunning but thats not all. there are way too many glitches. split the clip almost after the second mark, then screen goes black and back to the video. and one of my main problems (i had to restart my edit) the clip that was on full sound when silent in the middle of the clip, and im not able to fix it.

One of the very best editing apps!

Ok it’s so easy to use and I never have glitches or problems except when importing gifs they fail :( but honestly highly recommended it and you guys should make it so then you can do a transition no matter how small the pic because you are able to make transitions super small after! It would make things much easier if you fixed that. This app certainly deserves 5 stars!


I love this app. I’ve been editing with it for a few months. I just wish there were more transitions! And also when u make a custom transition, I would like if we could save it. So what I mean is, that you make a custom transition and then you can save it, put a name so then later on you can re-use it! This would be really helpful! Also if there’s wasn’t a limit for transitions in a clip or picture would also be helpful. Since I am a fan page on Instagram, and I like making edits! But so far the app is very helpful and amazing! <3


I love this app but recently it seems there is a bug that causes audio to unsync with everything. For example if I play the video from the beginning let's say a song's vocals start at five seconds, but when I go to edit at five seconds the vocals actually start at 6 seconds???? It's very hard to synchronize animations and music with this problem! Please please fix it!


Everything is great but this would be soooooooo much better with chroma key!!!




WE NEED A CHROMA KEY FEATURE AND MORE TRANSITONS. I’ve emailed the makers and still no change


I USED to love this app,but now I wasted my money on an app that won’t even work anymore. When I try to add gifs to my videos it always comes up as “loading” and when I wait nothing happens and I always end up having to reset my iPhone for it to work and it gets annoying every time! Also, when I import videos into my project and try to play it, everything is a blank screen, I can’t see my videos but can only hear them. Even when I try resetting my iPhone , nothing works.

Big thumbs up👍🏼

It’s really good for $6.42 I wasn’t sure but now I am I really recommend this app


This app is amazing because it allows you to do things by scrap like the transitions and animations. This usually is only allowed by apps on a laptop/desktop. To have it on mobile is a practical blessing. And the fact that you only have to pay once and then the rest is waiting for you is amazing. Please buy it is worth the money and is by far the most powerful editing app to ever exist on mobile platform. 👍🏾👏🏾👌🏾

This app is somewhat decent

This app is great in all but this apps transitions isn’t smooth at all.Lets look at Video Star for example,Video Star transitions are very smooth and when ever someone edits no Video Star it looks exactly like an Ae, after effects, edit which is unexpected because everyone looks down at us app editors.All this app needs is new transitions and finally some MOTION BLUR!!!!! just like the ones in Video Star,but not cost as much as Video Star.This app can overthrow Video Star and be the best editing program if the producer makes a change!!!

Please fix it

I was editing and out of nowhere my screen turns black I can’t see the edit I was making and I try to save it but it keeps saying operation stopped please fix this immediately

adding features

this app is incredible! i've been using it for abt a year and i haven't had many problems because it is quite simple to use. i do however have one request: please add multi-layering transitions. to make smooth video edits, this would be extremely helpful :)) i rarely write reviews for app but i decided to for this one because i absolutely love it. just wanted to make a smol request. thank you for reading <3

love it but...

love the app! ive been using it for a while now but recently its been crashing because the memory storage is almost full, and when i deleted most of the videos i had it still said memory storage almost full and it wont let me finish a video now.


This app is really great but theres a bug where it wont let you watch the video and it wont let you export it to, its very weird and annoying please fix this!

Pro should mean more?¿

So um, all I have to ask is that we be able to have more than two lines of video, like in cute cut? I really love this app but I feel like pro isn’t very pro if you take away one of the features.

fix y’alls glitches

y’all need to do another update on fixing the glitches. y’alls last update didn’t fix any of the glitches. i’ve been having the same glitches since i got this app which was back in november of 2017. y’all could add a little more stuff to it but i mainly just want you to actually fix the glitches because they’re very annoying and even more annoying to get rid of. overall this app is pretty good considering the amount of stuff you can do on it. it’s easy to use as well.


Hi I love the app but y’all need to add shakes and other stuff like Make it like AE please I’m broke so I can’t get that and make it a little like video star


It’s a great app but y’all really need to fix all the crashes it has for me it crashes every time I try to do something

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