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Cute CUT Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7056 ratings )
Photo & Video Entertainment
Developer: YU BO
5.99 USD
Current version: 1.8.9, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 20 Mar 2013
App size: 54.85 Mb

Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen!

Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!

Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!

We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT!


Key Features:

- User-Friendly UI.

Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily.
Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies.
UI supports both portrait and landscape modes.

- Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT!

Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice. 

- Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode!

Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment! 

- Draw directly on movie.

30+ drawing tools. 

- 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable.

- Highly customizable transitions.

- 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions.

- Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable!

- Share Your Movie.

Export to Camera Roll.
Send to YouTube/Facebook.
Send via e-mail.

- Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible.


Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad.

Feedback and Support:

Pros and cons of Cute CUT Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Cute CUT Pro app good for

You can do a whole video postproduction with it :-) - except logos with transparent background - and if you want multiple videos/fotos to be imported that doesnt work, you have to do it one by one. Would be nice to add these features.
Im an anime editor and now that you added all of these things itll make it a lot easier thank you. Follow my vine @(Nex) Xachi
Cute Cut is grate. There is 6 main options, photos, videos, voice, music, text, and self draw. Each of them are easy to use and have tons of options like colour, size ,and most importantly transitions/animations. Normally for me, its pretty boring editing videos but with the user friendly UI, it almost felt like a fun video game. I have written a review for this app before; and everything I complained about was added/fixed. They even added features I didnt know I want such as the GIF support and Back easing type. I heard that it has legging and crashing issues, but I never had any problems with it. Over all the app is reliable and easy to use. If I had to delete all my apps accept for 3; then cute cut would definitely be on the list. Download the free version, then buy the full one if you like it. (;
I really like this app. It has really good features, and isnt very slow at all. And, it isnt very complicated, there are chat boxes that tell you all the features and stuff to use to edit. It is awesome.
Its an amazing app for editing! But I Have been having complications with it crashing when I download videos to my camera roll. But overall, its a great app for editing on the go.
So Im a youtibe and Ive been practicing with this app for over a year it works really good but yesterday I made a super good quality video and when I try to edit anything or save to my camera roll it crashes PLZ fix this. :3

Some bad moments

Whenever I try to export something it says "export failed" please fix now, Im starting to regret buying.
That game is so slow and there r so much lags that i cant even do a video, i can suppose that i bough the full version for nothing -.- and thats making me rly mad ! So plz help me with that bc if not i just lose 9$ !!! And i did nothing else then try to see the little part of the video i did !
I cannot watch my videos very well and it is very hard to edit due to it being slow/laggy. It was never like this before!!!
Okay so this app was easy to use but after I added some videos and music I wanted to watch it but when I clicked the play button it kept on crashing! After a couple more attempts it finally played! This happened a few times after but then I finished and tried to export to my album, but it kept on crashing! I deleted picture and apps but it still isnt downloading! This is frustrating after I put so much effort in my video! Please fix this! Thank you!
I made a edit that took me around 4 hours. I left the app for a couple seconds to check another app, and when I got back to cute cut it had deleted my edit. Trash app.
I am a phone user for cute cut. Ive been using it for some time but I have come across a problem. In cute cut when I try to export, it says "this operation can not be completed" I still do not know how to fix this and have tried everything. I can only presume this is on your end.

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